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Barbara J. Davis (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 13:39:53 -0500

Yes, Connie, it is a brand.  Since George has found it in Louisiana, 
I have a feeling it might be limited to this southern area.  I have 
eaten it, but don't find it superior to others in the same price 
category.  Ben and Jerrys I haven't eaten.  I've been told, though, 
that it is the ultimate in ice cream.  Until I came down here where I 
could shop and get home with ice cream (in Oregon I shopped 65 
miles from the ranch) it had been a long time since I'd eaten ice 

Barbara Davis      southwest of Fort Worth, TX

> Hi Barbara,
> So are you saying this is a brand of ice cream?Not a flavor?
> I am in s.w.Idaho.Never seen this brand nor flavor.Whats special about it..Thus far
> I'd have to vote Ben&Jerrys (always buy the same flavor over 'n over Chunky Monkey
> my ultimate favorite.)as number one for quality,flavor also they do not use cream
> which came from cows subjected to the Bovine hormone and they had the courage to say
> so right on their lable .A  small dairy man in Wisconsin tried that and Monsanto
> sued (and won)him.Anyway if its any better than B&Js I'd better not try it could be
> ultra addictive ;^ )....
> Thanks for the info.
> connie
> Barbara J. Davis wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Where do you live Connie?  Here in north-central Texas, the brand
> > is in every supermarket.  Perhaps this isn't carried in your area.
> >
> > Barbara Davis        southwest of Fort Worth, TX
> >
> > Connie Hoy wrote:
> > > Greetings all ,
> > > OK so I cant stand it, WHAT pray tell is "Blue Bunny"ice cream.(and where do I
> > > find it? ;-} )
> > > Thats what makes this list so great the diversity of subjects/people.The
> > > archives gave me lots of conversations about Dim Sum and other yummies as
> > > well.