RE: [gardeners] Hostas

Liz Albrook (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:57:40 +0000

Catharine Vinson <> wrote:

> Kathy Kennedy wrote:
> I also like the good old Royal Standard, which does well for me, and has
> blooms that smell nice.

If you absolutely *must* plant hostas it's one of the better ones.  I 
think hostas are the 90's version of photinias AKA red tips -- one of 
the most overused plants in existence.  And just a tad boring.  The 
odd thing is that nearly everyone has the same complaint about them 
-- slugs -- but they still are widely planted though they are 
suitable only for areas that are also Slug Heaven.  Go figure.

There are dozens of shade plants that are more interesting and less 
widely planted.  I realize I'll probably get flamed to the ground for 
this but 1 hosta in a shade garden is interesting while a collection 
of hostas is reminiscent of motel gardens.