Re: [gardeners] The list

Alicia Bayer (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:55:06 -0700

Kim Cook wrote:
> George Shirley wrote:
> >
> > This list has now topped 120 members including digesters. Big influx in
> > last 48 hours. Would someone who has recently joined mind telling the rest
> > of us how you found out about gardeners. We've been running about 60 - 70
> > members for a year and just in two days we've doubled.
> LOL!!!...Didn't know so many had come over...<grin>...
> A mention on the Gardens list...and "zip" we come! least,
> me...

Actually, I saw the post on the Gardens list but I joined right before 
that because a woman on some of my lists has been posting about her site 
listing all of the gardens lists.  I checked it out and signed up for a 
couple of new ones from that link.
--Another newbie, Alicia