Re: [gardeners] The list (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 08:25:17 EDT

We are always in major construction down here.  You never know when you are
going to need some crushed stone so when you have some delivered you always
get more than you need.  It was actually pea stone.  We originally bought it
for under the deck.  But the extra has been used to back fill stone walls and
for drainage.  My sister also made out like a bandit because she also got all
the perennials for her garden from me.  I have the biggest give away each
spring.  My husband can not understand the amount I give away and amount of
new plants I buy.  How familiar does this sound.  You store your new plants at
a friends house for a while.  You buy plants when you know that the containers
can go out in the trash the next day.  Chris from Braintree, Zone 5