RE: [gardeners] The list

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 09:41:31 -0400

Chris wrote:

My husband can not understand the amount I give away and amount of
new plants I buy.  How familiar does this sound.  You store your new plants
a friends house for a while.  You buy plants when you know that the
can go out in the trash the next day.

Hush! My neighbor and I have been hiding plants at each other's houses for a
couple of years now. Her husband has yet to catch on. My dog has, however.
She gives me a dirty look when I come in the house after a nursery run, as
if to say, "well, now, isn't that just fine and dandy. You tell *me* that
you don't have room for a single new plant (and that's why I'm not allowed
to wander through the garden), and then you go off and buy more plants-and
you won't even let me help you plant them."