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George Shirley (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 10:29:55

At 08:25 AM 10/1/98 EDT, you wrote:
>We are always in major construction down here.  You never know when you are
>going to need some crushed stone so when you have some delivered you always
>get more than you need.  It was actually pea stone.  We originally bought it
>for under the deck.  But the extra has been used to back fill stone walls and
>for drainage.  My sister also made out like a bandit because she also got all
>the perennials for her garden from me.  I have the biggest give away each
>spring.  My husband can not understand the amount I give away and amount of
>new plants I buy.  How familiar does this sound.  You store your new
plants at
>a friends house for a while.  You buy plants when you know that the
>can go out in the trash the next day.  Chris from Braintree, Zone 5
Boy, you really are hooked aren't you? We discovered that a neighbor a
block away has a big plant sale every spring and now we plan to stay home
that weekend to shop it. This lady sells $3-4,000.00 worth of plants over a
one week, two weekend sale, all in her front yard. You can't get in her
backyard due to the raised beds, the green house, the potting shed, think
you can get the idea now. She and I trade plants on occasion now so she
usually tosses in a bunch of new stuff every time we stop by. I just took
her a loquat I started from seed but don't know where she will put it. Got
20 more started as she wants me to set up a section at her sale next year.
When you have an addiction it takes money to support you will even sell
your baby plants to get more.