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Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 02:34:09 -0500

Hi Catherine,
    First the address for the wildgardens list is:
    I am one of those people that are cursed with a sensitivity to poison
ivy x10. I found a product called "Tecnu", Oak and Ivy Brand; Tec
Laboratories, Albany, Or. 1-888-OAK-N-IVY. It is without a doubt the
absolute best stuff I have ever used for poison ivy. I have used Calamine,
Caladryl, etc. The drying effects of those two just increased the maddening
itch. The steriods are the best internal medicine. Also take common old
Bennadryl to help with the itching and to sleep. Believe it or not
Preparation H will also relieve the itching. Now do you understand just how
allergic to poison ivy and oak I am? A person would have to be desperate and
down to two choices: do I use this gun or the PH? I chose the PH. That was
after I had used everything in the house that I could find, including a tube
of stuff normally not found by the after shave but a little farther over in
the feminine supplies. At 3 am you might make some choices you wouldn't make
at say 3pm.
    Been there. Done that.
    Bastrop Co.,Tx
    Zoned for Poison Ivy

c.l. avery wrote:

> Hello everybody @ gardeners,
>   I seem to have gotten bumped off of my wildgarden list and cannot
> locate its address.  Is anyone here also receiving that list, and can
> you post its address for me?  I don't understand why I've been bumped
> off it...must've been some computer glitz.  Although I have such a black
> thumb maybe they've shunned me off the list....
>   I've been using Round Up on the poison ivy all summer long that is
> *lurking* in my Boston ivy patch out front.  Finally thought that I had
> knocked it all back and dove in to cut back the Boston.  The patch bit
> back !  My arms and legs are just covered with the horrible itching
> welts.  I look like I've got leprosy or something.  I started steroids
> for it yesterday but was wondering what everyone's personal favorite
> remedy for poison ivy was?
>   scratch, scratch, itch, itch, moan,
>       Carolyn
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