Re: [gardeners] Hostas (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 08:51:04 EDT

Liz I have been gardening for over 20 years.  I have numerous perennials shade
plants and thought exactly like you until I discovered Houpt's Hosta Habit and
the new varieties available. Here is the web site: http:/www.pal-  Find out why the rest of us are going crazy.
Also I needed a change.  I have what I would call very busy beds.  I have a
small yard only about 1/4acre and I am a plantaholic.  So I pack alot of
plants into small areas.  It is the survival of the fittest.  I have a shade
area between my front and back gardens.  I wanted something more peaceful.
You walk through an arbor. There is a walkway, bench, and swirling pattern
flower area looking down into a valley of color.  The hostas look really great
there.  I use the different colored leaf pattern almost in a quilt design.
You absolutely have to have the golds, lime green next the varigated and blue
hostas.  They really compliment each other.  The area is very colorful without
being busy and that is new for me.  I am addicted to color.  Chris from
Braintree, MA Zone 5