RE: [gardeners] 'maters

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 12:56:54 -0400

Margaret wrote:

Catharine said the Black from Tula was the best-tasting variety
she grew last year, even better than Black Krim.  IMO Black Krim is a
dynamite tomato.  The skin is brownish-black, but the flesh is brick red
and flavorful.  The Black from Tula seems to be brownish black all the way
through, and it looks downright nasty in a jar of canned tomatoes.  It must
be a plant for the south, not the north, since it was ordinary in flavor,
too.  We did have an unusually rainy spring, and a very hot dry summer,
which could have misled the 'mater and me, but I don't think I'll be
growing that puppy again.

You're right - Black from Tula is truly nasty looking. I think the black
tomatoes all are pretty ghastly looking. So, I just close my eyes and gobble
them all up.

Glad to get the report that BfromT doesn't appear to do well in the North.
It was so incredibly productive here that I figured it simply had to be
particularly well adapted to the South. Black Krim hasn't been very
productive for me.....a Northern variety probably.