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Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 19:32:00 -0500

Hi Chris,
    They would have wanted to burn you at the stake!! I started laughing out loud
while reading about your decorating endeavor.
Bastrop Co.,Tx
Zone 8 wrote:

> Allen I thought you might really appreciate this story.  I am fortunately not
> be allergic to poison ivy which means of course that I didn't even bother to
> find out what it looks like.  I had to make 60 arrangements for a PTO potluck
> dinner in the fall.  I scooped out pumpkins as the base.  I did not have
> enough flowers I decided to comb the neighborhood and use foliage leaves.  I
> cut and arranged poison ivy in each arrangement.  Thankfully my husband came
> home and he knows what it looks like.  Could you imagine all those people that
> I might of exposed.  From that much exposure, cutting and arranging it, I did
> end up with one small rash that lasted two days.  I, of course, took it out of
> the arrangements and put in other foliage.  I was giving all the arrangements
> away that night.  It would have been unbelieveable if my husband hadn't known.
> Chris from Braintree, MA  Zone 5