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>  Who is Fanny Flagg, please?  Lucinda

Fanny Flagg is the author of three marvelous books, one of which is 
_Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe_.  Whether it's true 
or not I can't really say but according to my father she's a relative 
of ours (and considering how good a writer she is I'll happily claim 
her as kin).

I haven't read the latest book but FGT was, in my opinion, the lesser 
of her first two books though it's much better known.  If you haven't 
read her stuff you should -- she's got a sense of humor, wisdom and a 
real love of life.  She's your sort of author.

At an earlier point in time she was a comedienne who achieved a 
modicum of fame.