RE: [gardeners] Lemon Drop chiles

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 07:25:23 -0600

>Ah, a woman with taste! I believe MaPat's environs of F'burg may have the
>concession on bunny rag dolls, and for those few years when I was sentenced
>to living in Cincinnati, I first discovered cement geese. Prior to that time
>my knowledge of geese-in-the-wild was limited to shooting them on the wing
>(well, once I did shoot a wooden decoy, but that is another tale).

You shot a wooden decoy on the wing?  

>I have not yet recovered from the daily sight of block after block of
>immobile geese foraging on the precisely measured and manicured suburban
>yards of Cincinnati. Since Cincinnati is a bastion of Decency and No Sale of
>Playboy Within The County (this ordinance is the root cause, I am convinced,
>for Cincinnati's producing Jerry Springer, prince of sleeze), the geese of
>Cincinnati were rarely viewed in the nude. Every member of the flock was
>appropriately garbed for the season, the event, the mood of the homeowner.
>Imagine if you can Cheerleader Geese decked out with pom-poms before the Big
>Catholic High School Football Game. Elvira and Dracula geese for Halloween.
>Maternity Geese to announce the homeowner's Expectations of an Heir.

My God, what would they have done with swans?  What would Leda have done
with a clad swan?  What did Leda do?  Please don't tell me Leda horse to
water.  I know that.