RE: [gardeners] Lemon Drop chiles

Catharine Vinson (
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 06:56:32 -0400

Cynthia wrote:

Anyway... ristra's do not seem to be much in evidence in my neck of the
woods, everyone is still stuck on the (ugh) kuntry bunny rag dolls and
dressing up stupid cement geese.  I plan to start a new era in the midwest
and sell edible home decor...hmmm now that I think of it.... aren't bunnies
edible (oh gosh I can't believe I said that....please, bunny pet owners....
no flames.... just a joke).

Ah, a woman with taste! I believe MaPat's environs of F'burg may have the
concession on bunny rag dolls, and for those few years when I was sentenced
to living in Cincinnati, I first discovered cement geese. Prior to that time
my knowledge of geese-in-the-wild was limited to shooting them on the wing
(well, once I did shoot a wooden decoy, but that is another tale).

I have not yet recovered from the daily sight of block after block of
immobile geese foraging on the precisely measured and manicured suburban
yards of Cincinnati. Since Cincinnati is a bastion of Decency and No Sale of
Playboy Within The County (this ordinance is the root cause, I am convinced,
for Cincinnati's producing Jerry Springer, prince of sleeze), the geese of
Cincinnati were rarely viewed in the nude. Every member of the flock was
appropriately garbed for the season, the event, the mood of the homeowner.
Imagine if you can Cheerleader Geese decked out with pom-poms before the Big
Catholic High School Football Game. Elvira and Dracula geese for Halloween.
Maternity Geese to announce the homeowner's Expectations of an Heir.

When I take my rightful place as Empress of the Universe, all forms of
immobile and weighty geese will be sent to Tiny Tim and cooked....