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Oh, I loved it!!!  Some of the best gifts I ever got - and the most useful.
Usually when the better half tries to buy me clothes or jewelry, he chooses
something that is (how shall I say this without sounding ungrateful?), not
what I would've chosen.  So I'll either wind up taking it back or keeping it
for fear of hurting his feelings.  With manure, he can't miss and everyone's


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> >And on more than one occasion I have gotten a truck load of horse manure
> for
> >Mother's day.
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> >Alice
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> If you enjoyed the gift you are a lot like Miz Anne. Our children, on more
> than one occasion, have given her a load of manure for the garden. They
> generally joke about whether she will swim in it or use for the garden.
> Either way she gleefully accepts. Miz Anne's dad was an architect who
> gardened for relaxation. Her mother never set foot outside the door
> without
> her hat and gloves. Reckon who she takes after? My lady is a genuine Steel
> Magnolia, old clothes, funny hats and dirt under her nails today and the
> fine frock, high heels, and the jewelry tomorrow. A fine lady she is,
> however she dresses, and whatever the gift.
> George