Re: [gardeners] Grass *is* low maintenace (but I hate it)

Carol Wallace (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 02:51:55 -0400

I hate lawn too. I keep chipping away at ours. hoping to turnit into flower

But I just heard a story about someone who did that which chilled me to my
bones. Please believe me - I am not trying to advertise my web page here - I
heard this story and thought it needed  to be told. The woman in question
escaped from the Nazis - came to America to escape oppression. And then they
bulldozed her garden because it was "different' -  because instead of lawn she
had garden. They bulldozed her *backyard*!  Please read it at
and write to the Winnipeg newspaper or to any media you may have connection
with not only protesting this action, but protesting weed ordinances everywhere
that are worded so vaguely that they allow this kind of abuse.  And believe me
- I spent hours checking weed statutes and this could happen to many of us.
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