Re: [gardeners] re: Dumb Question now New House

Rosemary Carlson (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 09:53:00 -0400

You've got it, Allen. EVERYONE here uses lawn services. But me, of course.
Also, Lex is a VERY yuppie area. Yuppies (most) neither have the time nor
desire to garden - and they change houses every 3-4 years (trading up!).
Part of what makes it difficult to sell a house with gardens. 

5 years ago, when I bought the house I'm currently trying to sell, it
occurred to me that I wouldn't be in this house forever - and that,
perhaps, I shouldn't have put in extensive gardens. I was right. Wish I'd
listened to myself! :) Now, I'm very likely to be stuck with 2 house
payments, for at least awhile, until I can SELL THIS HOUSE!! AARRRGGGGGHHHHHH

At any rate, if you have to move, prepare for it long in advance and take
some time to turn the gardens into grass. I guarantee your house will sell
easier. Unfortunately, there is not a gardener-to-gardener house exchange! :(

Rosemary in cold, rainy Lexington, KY - whose realtor is having an open
house here tomorrow - and I have SO much work to do!