[gardeners] Re: Lexington, KY

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 21:45:06 -0400

Rosemary, we lived in Lexington in 1944-45, when my hubby was 
sent there as a G.I. to study engineering at the U. of Ky., and I kept
the morgue for The Bloodhorse. We had no car with us because 
there was no gasoline available, so in all that time we never even 
saw a live horse!  I lived in one room with a shared bathroom and
no kitchen perks ($5.00 a week), and my dinner every night was a
bowl of good cabbage soup with saltines, in a luncheonette. Once
my mother-in-law sent us two dollar bills in an envelope, and we
spent it all on two pan-fried steaks at a counter in town.....

Yuppie...?  My, it's come a long way .....   I don't begrudge the town
its eventual success, though. Businesses must have found their
way in, and with them followed the population. That's the ebb and flo
of progress, the American way. And if it brings with it rather naturally
a strong desire to raise one's standard of life, that's what comes
with the package --- usually including a big and beautiful front lawn.

Penny, NY 

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