Re: [gardeners] Grass *is* low maintenace (but I hate it)

penny x stamm (
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 23:59:15 -0400

Sorry, Matt, grass is NOT low maintenance, and we love it!  

We have 5/8ths of an acre, with lots of lawn, many shrubs, a
Japanese garden, a raised rose garden, a small veggie garden, 
a raspberry patch, and 10 ANNUAL flower beds. It's a lot of work,
and the best exercise in the world! 

The kids grew up playing volley ball and croquet and capture-the-flag 
and splashing in the wading pool and torturing the jungle gym and
we appreciated the cool greensward at that time for their pleasure. 
Many a big picnic or birthday party took place there -- gee, we even 
had a mens'  hair cutting contest just to see if the neighbors could
do a better job than I had been doing on Jimmie, for all those years...

When the kids grew up and flew the coup, we gave away the swings
and the jungle gym and tether ball, and gave our energies to creating
beauty. We work all day out there, and then comes the sit-and-sip
hour: two beach chairs, two old fogies, two quiet conversations with
much appreciation for nature's beauty.   

There's something for everyone in this world -- you just have to find
it. Gardeners have to earn a living too,  and if you're a good one, my
off to you! 

Penny, NY

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