Re: [gardeners] OT Men's Clutter

Matt Trahan (
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 03:14:08 -0400

Ha! How about having your inlaws move near you? Mine moved here this
winter. They left behind a house they had lived in for 27 years. And they
left behind 3 dumpster loads of stuff, not counting the stuff they gave away.
 Now their new home is immaculate with just the right amount of books to
artistically fill part of the bookcases in the living room, just the right
amount of knick knacks to hold up the books, just the right amount of
pictures and artwork to tastefully decorate the house, just the right
amount of dishes (matching set for 12, of course) in the kitchen, to go
with the perfect set of glasses (and no more) and the perfect silverware,
without any extra unmatched spoons/knives/bizarre utensils.
 Nearly every piece of clothing has a closet of it's own (ok, I'm
exagerating a little). The dog only sheds on her dog bed.
 Added to this, they are both retired with a good amount of free time on
their hands, and Priscilla was an immaculate housekeeper even when they
lived back in Massachusettes with lots more stuff.

  Guess who's pack rat butt is in a sling when we come back to our house
after dinner? ;-)
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