RE: [gardeners] Rosemary's house

Barbara J. Davis (
Sun, 4 Oct 1998 18:52:41 -0500


Sorry about your house problems, but anyone goes through it who 
sells.  I even went through it last year when no agent was involved 
and the eventual buyer had been calling weekly for over a year to 
see if we'd be interested in selling.  When you finally decide on your 
price and willingness to allow buyer/s to look, it is hard to have 
people poking into everything.  I was alone, so had to run after them 
both to make sure nothing was taken (I didn't know them!) and to 
answer questions as honestly as I could.  I had a large, two-story 
house of 5-bedrooms and three baths, two living areas, etc.  It was 
very difficult, to say the least.  Fortunately, I only showed the house 
three times before the transaction was consummated, but being on a 
ranch, there were many other considerations to handle except 
house,  It wasn't fun.  But, I think the move itself was more stressful 
than the sale.  After having accumulated mementoes from all over 
the world for a lifetime, one doesn't just give them all away to avoid 
the onerous task of packing and moving.          Barbara Davis
southwest of Fort Worth, TX

Rosemary wrote:

> Well, OK. Today was open house. I, of course, was not here - so 
I'm rather
> clueless as to what happened. 10-15 different groups of people came through
> - 2 of which were neighbors (which makes me mad - nosy!).  However, my
> neighbors (whose house is also up for sale) just sold their house for $4K
> less than they should have because they had to sell quick. This, obviously,
> is not good news for me. So, I lowered my price by $2K - and the agent
> feels quite confident an offer will be forthcoming at this price relatively
> soon. I hope he's right - he knows that I'm the wrong person to try to
> "pacify" - so, chances are, he truly feels like this or he wouldn't say so.
> :) :)
> At any rate, I don't even feel like this is MY house anymore. Jeez. I do
> believe that selling this house is one of the most stressful things I've
> ever done! (except divorce!). 
> At any rate, getting READY for an open house is hell on earth. Especially
> for us packrats. However, NOW the house is ready and I hope I can KEEP it
> ready - in showable condition - until it sells. The one thing I CAN'T do is
> be gone when possible buyers come through. (I wish I could!) Since my
> mother is an invalid and lives with me, SHE can't be gone - so I can't be
> gone. But, I DO make myself scarce and I do NOT go through the house with
> the potential buyers. I go to the back patio with my dogs - and we sit
> there while people are here. Hope it doesn't get real cold soon! :)
> So, that's the next chapter of the saga of the trials and tribulations (of
> which there are many) of selling a house........I wish it on NO ONE. :)
> Once I DO sell this house and move to my new house, I SWEAR I will never
> move again. NEVER. 
> At this point, I'm sure all of YOU wish I'd sell my house so I'd quit
> whining and complaining! :) But, thanks for your support! It's helped!
> Rosemary in Lexington, KY (not for long, I hope)
> zone 6a