RE: [gardeners] Rosemary's house

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 13:55:17 -0600

I'm with you Margaret.  I painted all our walls a color called "bavarian
cream" it's kind of an off white with just a hint of yellow/ beige.  It
really goes with most things even the bluish couch.  Easy to replace or
touch up.  The only exceptions are the kids rooms and we let them pick, one
is lavender with a white border but it's so covered with pictures and
posters you can't really see it and the other is a robins egg blue.


>At 08:57 AM 10/5/98 +0000, you wrote:
>>Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:
>>> I recall similar feelings when we sold a house almost 30 years ago.
>>>  It's the people who use the bathroom, thus "investing" in the
>>> septic tank, who'll buy for sure, Rosemary.  Then they'll recarpet
>>> the house, a different color in each room.  Never go back. Margaret
>>You must have owned, then sold, my house 30 years ago.  After they
>>put a different color of carpet in each room they painted the walls
>>cold, hard white.  With the exception of the magenta shag bedroom,
>>it's the coldest house I'd ever seen.
>>who wonders if Billie Bob has considered putting magenta shag in the
>>Oval Office
>In view of the fact that I have no color memory and am Martha
>Stewart-challenged, I painted all of the walls of our house off white.  It
>suits me, and it isn't cold to me, but others may disagree.  What do you
>put on your walls?  I dislike blue, green and tan walls, my husband loathes
>pink/rose or any shade of same.  Margaret