[gardeners] In the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 14:02:56

Got up this morning to a beautiful clear, cool morning. Maybe fall has come
and maybe it's just the little norther that blew in last night. I'm typing
this at about 2 pm on Wednesday and it's still below 75F here. This is the
kind of weather we southerners can really appreciate.

Froze a couple of bags of edible gourd this morning and made four small
bottles of pepper sauce. The kind of pepper sauce made by stuffing a
sterilized bottle full of raw peppers, covering with a 50:50 mix of 5%
vinegar and water and then sealing. One bottle was nothing but Thai Hots
and three were made with Lemon Drop chiles. Miz Anne is painting the set up
now as she thought the bright yellows and reds would make a striking

Prior to the above I went out and worked for 3 hours to make some beef
money and then came home and defrosted the upright freezer. This time we
just picked it up and carried it out to the patio to defrost, much easier.
I also moved the washer and dryer out from the wall, vacuumed the floor and
walls and then mopped. While I was at it I shortened the tube carrying the
air from the dryer vent to the outside. Should hold down some of the heat
in our small utility room. 

While at KMart the other day I saw some small plastic crates that looked as
though they would fit on the freezer shelves and hold vac bags of veggies.
With carefully taken measurements we ventured off to the Land of the Blue
Light Sale and purchased ten of those little crates. Now the freezer is
organized regardless of Miz Anne's snide remarks about anal retentive
perfectionists. Since I harvest the stuff, prepare it and freeze it, and
then cook it, I figured I could do as I pleased. Sleepy Dawg was totally
mystified by all the activity at what is normally our nap time.

Anyway, the weather is beautiful here for once, things I've been meaning to
do have gotten done and I'm getting ready to go out and put the concrete
blocks under the green house and take some measurements for replacement
2X4's. Life is good.