Re: [gardeners] 60's decor. (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 22:54:42 +0000

> Pat wrote:
> > and I see hookahs.  Lots and lots of hookahs. Not for inhaling, of
> > course. 
> No..Pat...of course not...they're's
> it! flowers stick thru the pipe part, into the
> water...<grin>...
> Actually, I have *no* idea WHAT you're talking about, really. That's my
> story, and I'm stickin' to it.
> Kim.

It would be impolite to differ with you and you are too kind, not 
wanting to cause pain to your neighbors to the South. But the 
flowers are on the beanbags.( All that old stiff 18th Century 
furniture has to be put up in the attic where it belongs). Beanbags, 
shag carpet (lime or magenta or maybe a combination of both in 
psychedelic wavy stripes), macrame hangings, hookahs, and flowered 
beanbag chairs and couches. Incense rampant in bowls of colored sand. 
A mirrored ball in the ceiling catching the last rays of light from 
the windows (discreetly screened with glass bead curtains).

What a decor. It seems to say it all, doesn't it? And why not? Sort 
of reflects the taste of the occupant and the dignity of the office 
don't you think? Pat