Re: [gardeners] In the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 17:47:09

At 05:56 PM 10/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> Got up this morning to a beautiful clear, cool morning. Maybe fall has come
>> and maybe it's just the little norther that blew in last night. I'm typing
>> this at about 2 pm on Wednesday and it's still bel
>mucho work snipped
>In our family you could definately say you "earned" your dinner 
>tonite.<VBG>  Even missed your nap!!
I think Miz Anne gonna either fix or buy dinner tonight. Went back out
about 3:45 and weeded the sunchokes and the raspberries then pruned the
raspberries to the top of the 4 foot fence. Still not done weeding as we
are being punished by rampant growths of wild morning glory and a weed I
cannot identify but is definitely a pest. Still way to wet back along the
south fence, lowest point on our property, to do much without boots on.
Mosquitoes are still bad but not as bad as two weeks ago. Looks like
mosquito control got a lot of them.

My jicama plants are blooming, with the huge heart shaped leaves and the
purple bloom stalks they are very striking. If we are blessed with a mild
winter this year I may get a crop next year. Took a look under the
sunchokes today and they are starting to form up some tubers. I'm to scared
to dig around the jicama, will just have to wait.

I discovered a huge lageneria gourd hanging out of a tree today. Will keep
it for seed as I prefer the young gourds for eating over a cucuzzi. If
anyone wants seed let me know and I'll put you down for some when the gourd
dies back and I harvest the seeds for drying. Will have cucuzzi seed also.