RE: [gardeners] In the garden OT freezer

Seyfried,Alice (
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 11:04:32 -0400

What a cool idea!  I'm going to Wallyworld this weekend for crates!!

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> George shirley wrote, in part:
> >While at KMart the other day I saw some small plastic crates that looked
> as
> >though they would fit on the freezer shelves and hold vac bags of
> veggies.
> >With carefully taken measurements we ventured off to the Land of the Blue
> >Light Sale and purchased ten of those little crates. Now the freezer is
> >organized regardless of Miz Anne's snide remarks about anal retentive
> >perfectionists. Since I harvest the stuff, prepare it and freeze it, and
> >then cook it, I figured I could do as I pleased.
> George,
> The "crates in the freezer" system is great.  We have a big old chest
> freezer that easily holds six plastic milk crates.  These solve the
> problem
> of my trying to get to the bottom of the freezer, which I cannot do
> because
> my arms are too short.  Each crate holds 27 quarts of frozen bricks of
> cooked 'maters, soups, etc. or 9 home-made breads, or stacks of flattened
> plastic quart bags of veggies.  Yes 'um, the anal retentive perfectionists
> make life easier for the rest of the household.
> Linda in NW Ohio near Toledo/Lake Erie, USDA Zone 5