[gardeners] Dark red mum

Rogers (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 06:55:08 -0500 (CDT)

"Raquel" is a very attractive mum.  Your challenge will be to get it through
the winter alive.  In our zone 5, we recommend leaving the mum in its pot
(plant the container and all), moving it into the cold garage for the winter
(water with snow monthly), then planting the rootball in the spring.  The
odds of a mum, which has been put into the ground in September, surviving
are slim to none.

If your mum survives the winter, the mum can begin to root properly and the
survival rate goes up dramatically.  In time it will become a small shrub.
You will need to pinch it every few weeks up to the Fourth of July, thus
encouraging it to become bushy before blooming.

>>OK, OK, Ok, I went out in the dark, in my stocking feet and retrieved the
>>plant stake for the Mum... it apparently a special hybrid... this is one of
>>the "Prophets" series by Yoder.  They call it "Raquel" and is described as
>>having a cushion habit, plant in well-drained, fertile soil, full sun.
>>Midseason bloom.
>>Maybe this one won't get tall like my neighbors... I really like this color
>>because it doesn't have any bronze in it.  I don't much care for the bronze
>>and brown mums and have never purchased any, but they are really coming out
Betsy & Floyd Rogers

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