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Fri, 9 Oct 1998 11:07:20 -0600

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>>>>> How about a brief list of where everyone is from? (Including the
>>>>>  <VBG>)
>>Jane Burdekin Boulder Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains.
>Dang! Doesn't that make you nervous with them big ol' mountains hanging
>over your head? ;-) Me, I'm a confirmed flatlander, it's the coastal
>prairies for me.

Nope, not nervous at all, I only remeber about 3 earthquakes since I have
been here, 1955 and they weren't big enough to do much damage at all.
Other than that, one always knows which way is west (toward the mountains),
the sun always sets over the mountain, and they are always there.  At least
I know that it's going to take one heck of a big wave before our coast line
will be washed away, and with an altitude of 5360 in town there isn't much
chance of that.