Re: [gardeners] Who, where

Kim Cook (
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 17:18:26 -0300

Liz Albrook wrote:

> Rosemary, if you think that what you wrote is any safer than what
> Chris wrote then you better think again.  Your email has your first
> and last names attached and you gave your city and state in your sig
> line.  It took me about 5 seconds to get your street address and
> phone number.  Check out:

Too true, Liz...but geez....

Now there's gonna be a bunch of paranoid sleepless gardeners, world

Most people are find-able (new word...just invented it?)
easily enough, by phone book or other methods...sometimes you just have to
live life, and not waste your time on earth by worrying and gnashing teeth
over things. (always wanted to use "gnashing"...)

If you want to remain anonymous, lurk...<grin>...

Kim  -going to sleep well tonight, not worried about a thing...(hope the
30-30 doesn't tip over onto the end table and wake me up again...)
-Damn Alan Rock anyway...   (don't ask if you don't want a rant...)
Kim Cook  TOP Artist, SDP
Prince Edward Island, Canada