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>>Definately one word.  ;-)
> Y'all be good now child. You do have some of us living in your midst. <VBG>
> When we get a chance to meet, I'll teach you how to say "Pak the ca in
>Havad Yad."
> It's even stronger than a 'Joisey' accent. Or a southern drraaawwwwlll

I thought it was "Pak the ca at the cub and go into the bah for a drink
with the gels." I could be wrong though, it's been many, many years since
my ship was at the Boston Navy Shipyard for several months. I remember the
Forest Hills Irish bars and the expatriate Irish who had fled after the
1916 revolt with great fondness. The folk of Massachusetts were pretty kind
to a young sailor from Texas back then.

>Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends. If you think your missing
>something in the above conversation, consider yourselves blessed. <VBG>
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George, whose long term memory is getting much better than his short term