Re: [gardeners] Definately one word. ;-)

Donna Barna DeCapite (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:05:45 PDT


I'm a northerner from Connecticut living in North Carolina thinking 
about moving to California in the next six months!  I wonder what that 
will make me?

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>>Yep, that's about right.  I'm not quite a native, moved here when I 
was 3
>>from New Mexico.  My kids are natives, and they have at least 7 native
>>cousins in Colorado Springs.  Tell your sis to keep looking , they are
>>around.  Jane
>I was born in eastern Colo., and so was my Dad.  I remember people 
>excited about the immigration of California developers.  I didn't think
>Coloradans were going to see any profits from it, and Coloradans were 
>out so fast it made their heads spin.  This was all before the term
>"Californicate" was coined.  
>And by the way, I didn't say it was one woman from Beaumont, Liz, I 
>"women."  Big hair and jewels worn in multiples of 12.  More guts than 
>gummint mule.  They seemed to own all of the cabins at the Chautauqua 
>and returned every summer.  I only worked at Chautauqua one summer, 
when I
>was about 11.  Margaret

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