Re: [gardeners] Definately one word. ;-)

Liz Albrook (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:46:07 +0000

Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:

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> >You know, Idaho might not have too many problems with Californians.  
> >Might be enough loons here to protect the state.  Might even come out 
> >better if the Californians do move in.
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> >Liz
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> It might be enlightening to you to take a look at the state budget
> and see how much is being set aside for prisons. They're taking the
> money out of what is left for higher education budgets after the
> public schools have their way with it, and giving it to prisons.  

Gee, no kidding?  It might be enlightening to you to take a look at 
what Phil Batt has done since being in office about this problem.  
When Batt went into office Idaho was adding 40 people per month to 
it's prison population; it's now adding 0 people per month to that 
population.  The reason money was being taken from higher ed and put 
into prisons is because the Idaho lunatic fringe has a "put 'em in 
jail and throw away the key" attitude toward everything from murder 
to jaywalking.

> It does rile me to hear the immigrants say "Whew!  Now shut the door
> to immigration" once they get here, then later they start making fun
> of the natives.  It wasn't the Idahoans who had to move to find a
> tolerable lifestyle, it was those making fun of them.  Margaret

You must be really angry with the way most American's view Native 
Americans and immigration policies these days.  Still, I didn't know 
you were so angry with yourself, or that you found life before Idaho 
intolerable, Margaret.  Do hope you are feeling better now.