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Tue, 13 Oct 1998 12:10:35 -0700 .
Rural Avancement Foundation International

Margaret this is the address of the main source of news and defense against the
"Terminator(seed) Technology"..Monsantos "TPS: Technology Protection System".
For those of you that may wonder what this about the above site will
give you the info you seek..
If ever there was a subject that deserves your attention this is it ..
Quite possibly if unleashed it could alter the future of many generations to
come ..
If anyone can disprove what is written to date PLEASE share it with us as I for
one would welcome such proof...
I am hoping no offense is taken by me offering this info ,as you might expect I
generally lurk but this is such a significant issue/concern I implore all who
will take take the time to read up on this subject to do so and act each on
their own findings ..Pro or Con..
This list seems populated by folks with common sense and an understanding of how
to get effective results on issues they deem worthy..
I wish I could think of more compelling language to persuade you to follow my
link but will refrain ..
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to advise you of this pending
.Lest you think I'm a radical anti-technology type,I am not,but this one is too
disturbing to accept without question..
I leave it to your collective wisdom.Now off the soap box and back to lurkdom.

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

> >I haven't heard from her on or off line for months.  I know she was ticked
> at the terminator technology posts, deriding RAFI.  I have no idea what
> RAFI is.  I never heard of it before.  But I have heard of Monsanto.  I do
> miss her.  Margaret