Re: [gardeners] H E L L O

Vicki O'Keef (
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:37:39 -0500

Jill & Margaret,
 Your two messages are the first I've gotten since Tuesday. I just figured
every one became speechless after George reminded us that we should not
engage in discussing politics or religion.

 As long as I'm here writing, might as well tell about my adventures to the
Natives of Texas Nursery and a couple of others that Pat so graciously
pointed me to. The great thing about the Natives of Texas Nursery was that
she had a demonstration garden along with a plant list. This sort of thing
is always helpful for a beginner in new territory. And since I can't visit
a nursery without buying something, I got a cherry sage, which I planted in
a bare spot in the rose garden.

 I also visited the Plant Haus and Golden Eagle Nursery in Kerrville. Both
seemed like really good nurseries. The former had a good selection of nice,
healthy plants, and the woman at the latter, was very helpful, explaining
some of the climate factors I will be dealing with.

 On Saturday, I drove up to my place to see how things were doing up there.
It's still beautiful, and I'm not changing my mind about moving back here.
I also drove to Dripping Springs to see a straw bale building. It was a
4,000 sq. ft. pottery studio with retail space right on Highway 290.
Totally quiet inside inspite of the heavy highway traffic. It was a nice
building with a lot of creative touches. Gave me a ton of ideas and more
months of frustration till I can get down here and get started.

 Meanwhile, I've just about fixed everything that was broken here at Mom's
and cleaned out more book shelves, closets, dresser drawers, etc. I've put
a dent in some of it but only a dent, and I still have my own 25 years
worth of accumulated junk in Seattle to deal with. I'm trying to resign
myself to the fact that I will more or less be moving for the next nine
months. Sigh...

 Anyway, don't know if the list is down or the whole internet since I've
only gotten one message from my office. Only one message in two days is
just not like them, but I haven't rushed to the phone to see what I'm
missing ;-). I'll probably unsubscribe from the list tomorrow since I'm
leaving on Sat. morning, so I'll be back on in Seattle sometime on Sunday
or Monday. And, no, it doesn't take that long to fly from here to Seattle,
but I usually land long before my brain does and need the time just to get

Vicki in Hondo soon to be back in the land of clouds and rain. :-(.