Re: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V1 #331

c.l. avery (
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 21:16:16 PDT

Phew!  I've been "gardening" like mad this past week.  The weather here 
in the DC area has just been wonderful -- low 70's, warm, sunny, crisp 
and cool nights.  It's heaven to be outside in a garden of one's own.  

  I've planted hostas, liriopes around the patio, a rose, daylily, and a 
mess of vinca to cover up some bald spots.  Planted foxgloves, 
snapdragons, and pansies out front in the sun.  Now, am I supposed to do 
something to them before the frosts come - or do I just leave them alone 
and let nature take care of them?  I am a new gardener -- just bought 
the home in July and this is my first garden attempt ever -- and no 
suggestion is too basic and/or self evident for me! Any and all will be 

  While digging I've uncovered several "sleeping" bug carapaces.  Are 
they locusts hibernating?  Or just shed skins that somehow got several 
inches down in the dirt?  They look all dry and brown and crispy - but 
perfectly intact with all legs and stuff...  Mystery?  Do I leave them 
in amongst the new plants or should I tranfer them to some other plot of 

  here's hoping everyone else can have such a glorious day!

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