Re: [gardeners] Boston Area

penny x stamm (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 01:24:05 -0400

Chris, it feels like z5 here these days --- the rain has made 
the grass jump up and yodel, so we'll be out there over the 
weekend, wind or clouds notwithstanding, doing our thing..

I still have not gathered the precious seeds I wanted to save,
shame on me! I have some tall, brilliant red flowers from Brazil
which are not available commercially, and which I have to 
re-propagate each year. And there are some deep pink cleome,
darker than those I could find commercially, which I would like
to hold on to. My daughter (in a garden apartment!) gave me 
16 baby impatiens volunteers to pot up, which I can give away
at our Master Gardener Xmas party in December, along with 
the coleus 'Inky Fingers' and the hoya carnosa 'Shooting Star'
cuttings which I have started. It makes things very cheerful to
arrive with all this booty! 

I noticed that the neighbors'  60 ft white pines have suddenly
dropped their zillions of needles all over my shrubs. I'll be
thinking of you raking as I am -- what do you call it, brushing..? --
off the bushes.. 

Penny, zone 6, NY

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