[gardeners] Re: Interesting day...

Thomas Giannou (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 15:29:33 -0700

Yesterday, I had put some Biosol Organic fertilizer on a neighbors lawn.  I
was given some free mycorrhiza inoculant and had put it on my neighbors lawn
about 4 weeks ago.  He had turned his water on today to water in the
fertilizer and it was giving off an odor.  The hose next to them is being
sold and is down wind.  A couple of realators were standing outside and I
walked over and asked what was going on.  They said, don't you smell the
natural gas?  I said, what you are smelling is fertilizer.  Oh, I have never
smelled fertilizer like that before.  That's not fertilizer.  I said, yes it
is.  I put it on yesterday and that is what it smells like when wet.  She
had called the gas company and we watched a fellow go around with his
sniffer equipment for about an hour.  Finally he went over to my home and my
wife held out some fertilizer for him to smell.  I then came over from the
neighbors and explained to him that it is an Organic fertilizer registered
with the State of Washington for growing food.

He then said, that's an interesting smell.  How would it work on alfalfa?
It should do fine.  In fact it is used to reclaim land stripped of soil in
mining operations.  It is non-polluting and you can buy about 375- 55lb bags
of it at about .32 cents per pound delivered according to the guy who sells
it out of one of the rocky mountain states.  I knew that because I wanted to
get a better price, but what would I do with that mound of fertilizer and
where in the world would I store it?  Anyway, I showed him my raspberries
and strawberries and pepper plant and lawn and said I had used that same
fertilizer and it worked well.

I guess organic gardening materials can have their downside if people are

He did say my lawn looked great for this time of year.  It is so green when
everyone else's lawn is turning a dormant brown.  He was also impressed with
my 9 foot raspberry plants.

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou