Re: [gardeners] Definately one word. ;-)

George Shirley (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 18:01:52 -0700

Matt Trahan wrote:
> >Wait a minute, you actually deliberately jumped into the ocean up there?
> >I fell in once and nearly froze to death and that was in August. You da
> >man if you swam in the Atlantic in New England. ;-)
> Naw, we just didn't know any better. Who said Yankee's are smart? ;-) 60-65
> in late August is something we used to look forward to.
>  Latter on I was stationed on a Coast Guard cutter that went down to Gitmo,
> Cuba. MAN, now THAT'S water!

Shallow Water Navy, THAT explains a lot. ;-) Ahh, Gitmo and the days of
the narrow gauge railroad to Havana. Beautiful island, but you were
probably there after Castro took over and the Amuricans couldn't leave

> >Very large number of Trahans around here, pronounced Traw Han. Some of
> >them claim to be of Irish descent way back. Could be, as many Irish
> >rebels ran to Catholic France to get away from the English. Used to know
> >a Trahan whose first name was Murphy, thought that was unusual until I
> >moved here where Murphy is a common first name. Go figure.
>  We usually pronounce it Tra-in, with a silent H. Others pronounce it
> TrayHan(silent D, sometimes), Trahan(without your W), or any way they can
> mangle it. Your pronounciation is common down here, maybe the combination
> of a difficult name and a southern accent?
>  I now get a kick out of names that are even worse to pronounce than ours.
> THANK YOU! That will fill in a few gaps. Never understood how it could be
> from a French derivation.
>  And I guess that means I'm no longer our only Irishman in the family. ;-)
> (I was adopted at birth, been milking the St Patty's day fun for years.
> Always get a card from mom and dad.)
> >
> >For some Texans being Texan is a religion, generally you find out they
> >moved to Texas from Michigan or some place and read too many magazine
> >stories about how Texans dress and act. Most of us are just plain folks,
> >shoot I don't own a Western hat or boots and wouldn't be caught dead in
> >them. Short fat guys don't look good dressed western.
> >
> >George
> >
> hahahaha, read the same thing in a short story once. "The 'perfect' looking
> native is usually a transplant trying too hard." Guess it's just a matter
> of trying to fit in.
>  I remember when we lived in Hawaii and I was heading back to Mass to visit
> family. Had a layover in Dallas-Ft Worth. Spent an hour watching 'cowboys'
> in hats and trail coats wandering back and forth.
>  Since I had just come from slippa's and jams(flip flops and shorts cut
> just above the knee) and was heading to December's version of preppyville,
> it was the perfect midpoint culture shock.
>  But do you own a Sombrero? ;-)

Many hats and caps but no sombrero, used to have a light weight straw
one I gardened in but left it out one night and something hauled if off.
Probably a wild animal needed it for a nest or the dog buried it as it
was disreputable looking to say the least.

Now I just put a dew rag on to keep my head from getting sunburned and
to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Of course my Cajun neighbors think I
ride motorcycles when I do that.