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Penny Nielsen (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 09:48:39 -0300

Think I'll stick to my local onions!!

Penny in Halifax

>>> penny x stamm <> 10/17 1:36 am >>>
Hi, Margaret (and welcome, Barbara!)

I have to share something with you. You said, "bought 50 lbs. 
of jumbo onions for $6, and 50 lbs. of mediums for $4."

Well, I rec'd a catalog today which shocked me, from Georgia. 
They are selling Vidalia Sweet Onions direct from the farm at
10 lbs jumbos for $25.95, and 10 lbs mediums for $26.95. Or
you can get 12-15 Baby Vidalias (scallions) for $24.95........
And if that's not enough, tell you what I'm gonna do: you can
order 40 lbs for future delivery, plus two packs of 12-15 Baby
Vidalias, for the special discount price of $125.95 . .  .

They also happen to sell cookies. You can get one dozen cookies
a month for $149.95.

It boggles the mind! 

There is one item which intigues me, I must admit. It's a dark
chocolate Blue Ribbon Winner cake. "East moist, rich chocolate 
layer is baked with a secret ingredient, filled with our very own 
strawberry preserves and frosted with the creamist chocolate 
icing in the South."  So what's the secret to this rich, moist 
flavor....? Why, their own Sweet Vidalia onions, of course!  
And the small one is only $24.95.

Why, they're valuable enough to put under the Xmas tree
for my kids this year!

Penny, NY zone 6  

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