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Thomas Giannou (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 15:30:59 -0700

Dear Mary,

There is an internet site in Europe and there are people listed on that site
who are in France.  I know there is a French source for Mycorrhiza
inoculants.  You should be able to contact him... I'll put the url's below
and the guy's email address here so everyone else can check it out.  The
European site has a lot of good information on it and might also be a good
place to get personal contacts with pro's in the field.  I did that with a
fellow in England who had taken some pictures of Strawberry plants that came
out of a Nursery in Finland with ripening berries on them.  He put me in
touch with the Mycologist behind that experiment and that fellow sent me all
the reports he had written on his research papers and books he had
contributed to writing about using mycorrhiza with Strawberries.

I have found some people who have experimented with mycorrhiza in Canada
with Raspberries and Strawberries, but their experiments failed due to
fertilizer problems and soil problems.  These guys are achedemic types and
they wouldn't accept the fact that I was getting results and replicating
them.   It's like, nope... I tried that and it didn't work, therefore it
will never work anywhere.  When they started talking about soil PH in their
experiments, I knew they simply did not know some things yet... still don't
for that matter.  Quite frequently, it is just a simple thing that is wrong
that stops the whole experiment.  With Mycorrhiza, soil PH matters less than
it does without mycorrhiza.  For example, with a PH of 8.5 and mycorrhiza
you can grow Astors while uninoculated plants will simply not grow in that
PH.   Anyway... sorry about the little divergence away from what you were
asking for...

Here's what you will need to chase down Mycorrhiza in France:

This is a URL to a Mycorrhiza Clearning house.  It will take you to all
kinds of sites on this subject at a variety of locations on the planet.  You
can also find vendors listed if you are seeking to find who sells the stuff.

This is a URL to the European Site I was talking about:

This is the E-mail to the Lady in France who can help you find the product.
She is the head of culture collection for the European BEG group.

Gianinazzi-Pearson, V.
Lab. de Phytoparasitologie INRA/CNRS,
Station de Génétique et d'Amélioration des Plantes,
BV 1540,
21034 Dijon Cedex,
Tel: 33 3 80633155
Fax: 33 3 80633263

Ms. Gianinazzi-Pearson will be able to give you all the information you need
in order to find out where you can get Mycorrhiza there in France.  Good
luck there.  It would be great to get another gardener working on
Raspberries.   Let me know how it all turns out.

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou

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><< I originally got Mycorrhiza inoculant from a close friend of mine.  I
> mentioned to him I had to dig up all my raspberry plants and move them
> rows that were farther apart. >>
> Good evening Thomas, I have never heard of this product, do you think I
>be able to buy it in Europe? Where would one go to obtain it, ie. nursery
>garden or chemist? I have a lot of raspberries that fruit well but would
>to try this on them.
>Mary in France.