RE: [gardeners] Re: Mycorrhiza questions...

Catharine Vinson (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 18:15:38 -0400

Thomas wrote:
Sorry, but that logic doesn't hold.  When you grow your own tomato's.. etc.,
and save the best varieties and then say to someone else this has served me
well, then you are saying you are now biasing your results because you are
interested in the outcome of what you have done to cause good tomato's (or
whatever plant) to excell.  If what you just said is true, then what I just
wrote is true.

   Thomas, I am sorry you do not follow my reasoning. I'm not interested, however, in engaging in circular debates. I stand by my observation that you have extrapolated from the results you say you have observed *in your garden* and said/implied/promised that these results can be replicated in ALL gardens. That's not science in my experience and practice.
In other words, you feel it is just fine to sit there and define my motives
as YOU see fit no matter what I think or say.  

Thomas, I am not defining your motives. I am commenting on your actions, e.g., you statements in this list. And since I have no wish to continue to give you something to "protest" against and draw additional attention to the products you sell, I will refrain from additional posts on this subject.....the 'discussion' is starting to remind me of other lost causes such as pointing out that Jerry Baker is nothing more than a slick snake oil salesman when he promotes spraying plants with ground up cigarette butts! <bg> 

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b.