Re: [gardeners] Re: Mycorrhiza questions...

Thomas Giannou (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:49:36 -0700

Cathrine wrote:
>  There's nothing wrong with anecdotal reporting. But it's just that:
self-reporting of your personal experiences in your individual plot of land.
The fact that you have a commercial interest in the outcome further clouds
your abilities to observe and report without bias, however unconscious that
bias may be. The old saw about how lab results are 'corrupted' when the
investigator stirs the pot with his/her own finger applies.

Sorry, but that logic doesn't hold.  When you grow your own tomato's.. etc.,
and save the best varieties and then say to someone else this has served me
well, then you are saying you are now biasing your results because you are
interested in the outcome of what you have done to cause good tomato's (or
whatever plant) to excell.  If what you just said is true, then what I just
wrote is true.

Catharine writes:
>All that being said, I do believe in mycorrhiza innoculation for specific
crops. I just don't support posts that promote the self-interests of the
author who is also acting as a sales agent for the product. You don't have
to put a URL in a signature line to be guilty of advertising on a
non-advertising mailing list imho.
Catharine, Atlanta/zone 7b

In other words, you feel it is just fine to sit there and define my motives
as YOU see fit no matter what I think or say.  Again, that is faulty
reasoning.  I have made no attempt to sell anything here.  I HAVE been
sharing about results I have been getting in my own garden so others can
learn about these things.  This stuff was new to me as of April of this year
and I've been reading and studying about it and doing my own quasi-research
and getting results.  As a matter of fact, in talking with several
mycologists, I have discovered some things others had no clue even
existed... which makes it even more exciting for me.  Sorry, but I don't
agree with your reasoning in this matter.

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou