[gardeners] Pro-Am status

asidv@fbg.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 19:32:25 +0000

Recently Thomas Giannou, of this list, has advised us of the 
miracles of a soil amendment (one of those rusts-smuts-mildews
additives). With others, I have read of his experiences and wondered 
why my experience with the substance was never quite so splendid.

(Good, you understand, with certain plants -- but not quite so 
overwhelmingly miraculous as he reports.)

As a result of being advised that M Giannou may have some financial 
interest in the product, some members of the list (and the Honorable 
List Owner, himself) have expressed rather strong opinions.  I am 
certain M Giannou's feelings have been hurt. That is regrettable.

Please understand, M Giannou (I assume you are French Canadian?), 
there is no problem with a professional plantsperson joining the list 
or even in expressing his or her opinons. But a problem does arise 
when a professional assumes the anonymity of "amateur 
standing" and does not immediately reveal that his/her postings -- 
to put it bluntly --may be colored by thought of personal gain.

To clear the air, let us hear from M Giannou that he is indeed a 
purveyor of the substance he touts and let him manfully apologize 
for any sins of commission or omission he may have committed. Then, 
let the list accept his apologies and greet him as a fellow toiler in 
the global garden, and bid him welcome.

If I have overstepped my authority (of course, I have none) or if I 
have caused the List Owner any discomfort by these comments, my 
apologies to one and all. But, as the List Owner put it in a recent 
post, I am -- after all -- an old lady, prone to lapses. Perhaps, 
this time, a lapse in good manners -- but not, I assure you, any 
lapse in business acumen..