Re: [gardeners] Pro-Am status

George Shirley (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 20:50:08 -0700

Well said, Pat, well said indeed.

George wrote:
> Recently Thomas Giannou, of this list, has advised us of the
> miracles of a soil amendment (one of those rusts-smuts-mildews
> additives). With others, I have read of his experiences and wondered
> why my experience with the substance was never quite so splendid.
> (Good, you understand, with certain plants -- but not quite so
> overwhelmingly miraculous as he reports.)
> As a result of being advised that M Giannou may have some financial
> interest in the product, some members of the list (and the Honorable
> List Owner, himself) have expressed rather strong opinions.  I am
> certain M Giannou's feelings have been hurt. That is regrettable.
> Please understand, M Giannou (I assume you are French Canadian?),
> there is no problem with a professional plantsperson joining the list
> or even in expressing his or her opinons. But a problem does arise
> when a professional assumes the anonymity of "amateur
> standing" and does not immediately reveal that his/her postings --
> to put it bluntly --may be colored by thought of personal gain.
> To clear the air, let us hear from M Giannou that he is indeed a
> purveyor of the substance he touts and let him manfully apologize
> for any sins of commission or omission he may have committed. Then,
> let the list accept his apologies and greet him as a fellow toiler in
> the global garden, and bid him welcome.
> If I have overstepped my authority (of course, I have none) or if I
> have caused the List Owner any discomfort by these comments, my
> apologies to one and all. But, as the List Owner put it in a recent
> post, I am -- after all -- an old lady, prone to lapses. Perhaps,
> this time, a lapse in good manners -- but not, I assure you, any
> lapse in business acumen..
> Pat