Re: [gardeners] (Fwd) Delivery failure

Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 20:07:31 -0500

Hi Gardeners,
    I was reading and responding to my e-mail in the wee hours and chortling
out loud to Pats responses. I think the fella made the mistake of coming to a
dual of wits unarmed.
 Bastrop Co.,Tx

Cynthia Mayeaux wrote:

> At 10:11 PM 10/19/98 +0000, you wrote:
> <SNip>>Dear Mr. Giannou:
> >In an earlier, gentler time <Snip>
> Dear Pat:
> Marvelous... absolutely marvelous.  I do believe we could have used your
> word smithing on the gardens-L(ist) a year or so ago, I'm sure you would
> have been able to respond most appropriately to a person named Laura who
> had a fixation with riding horses <VBG>.
> Very well put dear... I'm sure M.Giannou is too uncouth to appreciate your
> missive, whereas I am not.
> Cynthia
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