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Dear Cynthia:
                        I would be very pleased to send you some chilean
endemic seeds, but you must send me your mailing  address.
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>Seeds I have right now, as of October 1998.  Will trade, or send without
>trade (send SASE), contact me at
>Any instructions or growing characteristics are based on being grown in my
>Great Lakes zone 4b/5a (Sunset 41) area.
>· Anthemis tinctoria (golden marguerite) - Easy to grow, reseeds itself.
>Yellow daisylike flower excellent for cutting or drying.  Perennial.
>· Carrot, Thumbelina.
>· Centaurea (bachelor buttons) - vibrant blue annual.
>· Cleome - Annual, light pink.
>· Cosmos bippinatus - Mixed pink, magenta, white, annual.  These are some
>of my favorite flowers, they bloom and bloom and bloom.
>· Datura - White, annual.
>· Dianthus (maiden pinks) - Very easy to grow.  Low growing, pink flowers,
>· Gailardia - all yellow perennial wildflower, blooms second year.
>· Helichrysum (strawflower) - Annual.
>· Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop) - Perennial herb, gets purple flower
>· Malva alcea (Hollyhock Mallow) - Very easy to grow perennial.
>· Marigold - Tall (1 ft.) orange or yellow (mixed up seeds) annual.
>· Melampodium (orange cosmos) - Vivid orange annual.  Looks great with
>blues.  Another of my favorite annuals.
>· Monarda - Purple, I've never tried to grow these from seed.  Perennial.
>· Muscari (grape hyacinth) - Never tried these from seed, probably takes as
>couple of years to get a bloom, want to try?
>· Nicotiana alata (flowering tobacco) - White night bloomer with a powerful
>scent.  Annual, reseeds.
>· Nigella (love-in-the-mist) - Annual, light blue flowers, threadlike
>foliage.  Purple and green seed pod forms and is great for dried crafts.
>Will reseed itself.
>· Petunia - pink or purple (mixed up seeds) annual.
>· Pole Beans, Kentucky Blue
>· Pole Beans, Purple Peacock
>· Pyrethrum (painted daisy) - I haven't tried these seeds.
>· Radish mix - Revosa/Easter Egg/Cherry Belle.
>· Rudbeckia goldstrum (black-eyed susan) - deep red-bronze and yellow
>perennial (I plant in spring and have blossoms in late summer until first
>· Scabiosa (blue mist) - I've never tried to grow these from seed but
>collected anyway.  Perennial.
>· Swiss Chard, Bright Lights.
>· Zinnia - Mixed colors, annual.
>If you have a group or organization needing large amounts, let me know...
>I'm a compulsive seed saver.
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