Re: [gardeners] Re: Potatoes/spinach

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 06:54:27 -0600

>Hi...Cynthia here (inserting 2cents),
>I grew the Bright Lights, it tasted ok, but IMHO is bland in comparison to
>spinach.  But, if you put enough butter/salt/pepper on, it is delicious.  I
>cooked some up like my grandma does, parboiled, then sautee in olive oil
>with onion and garlic, that wasn't bad at all.  I do not plan to grow
>Bright Lights again.  But then again, I don't grow spinach either <bg>.
>Cynthia (who loves spinach almost as much as popeye)
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>** **

It tastes a lot like any other Swiss Chard, and believe me, the way I fix
it (and spinach) is more than palatable.  It's guuuuud.  My Grandma's
Pennsylvania Dutch sweet and sour sauce over the top...mmmmm.  Cut up and
saute one slice of bacon, add 1 egg beaten with 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup
milk, 2 tblspns sugar (or sugar substitute that withstands heat) and 1/4
tsp salt.  She used whole milk or cream, and her sauce thickened.  I use 1%
milk, and it doesn't, but the flavor is the same.  Serve over cooked chard
or spinach.  Margaret