Re: [gardeners] Planting in the fall?

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 07:32:54 -0600

At 07:27 AM 10/21/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Here we are enjoying yet another beautiful day with temps. expected to
>be around 22C today.  The gardening bug has not left me and I have a
>question.  Would it be possible to plant beets and carrots now and have
>them germinate in the spring?  Zone 3 gets quite cold in the winter
>-35C.  It is just a thought.  Any ideas?
>Gayle, in Calgary
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Gayle, you might have better luck planting spinach now.  I have a friend
who fall-planted potatoes, but our weather doesn't get quite as cold as
yours in winter.  Maybe minus 20 at the most the winter he planted taters.
He had a huge harvest in July.  Margaret