Re: [gardeners] Various things

Victoria Okeef (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 10:18:39 -0700 (PDT)

> A note for Vickie O'Keefe if she's back online. Forgot to mention in a
> previous post that Texas Gardener is a pretty good magazine on gardening
> in Texas. It's good enough that we keep a subscription up because the
> upper Texas coast has exactly the same weather, soil types, etc. that we
> do.

 Yeah, I'm back online, George, but barely. I was scheduled to fly out of
San Antonio on Saturday morning. I eventually did get out that day, but it
was one of those "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles" kind of days. That was
one bad storm, and it went all the way to the Great Lakes, delaying
flights in Chicago, St. Louis, and Dallas, not to mention Austin and San
Antonio. When we finally taxied down the runway in San Antonio, we could
see that the airport was all but surrounded by a gushing river, and I know
there's no river there under normal circumstances. 

 Anyway, I subscribed to Texas Gardener for a few years after I first
bought my property in the Hill Country. I thought it was quite good and
informative. I stopped because I tend to save all my gardening magazines,
and I have a small house. Now, I've cancelled all my subscriptions till
I get moved. So when I get down there for good, I may be asking one of you
to give me the address to resubscribe.

Vicki, back in Seattle where the fog is thicker than pea soup this