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penny x stamm (
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 00:15:31 -0400

We've had some nights in the upper 30's, but the
bok choy is growing bigger and better, the clematis are
blooming away behind the roses, and the raspberries are
just coming in. Even the yellow marigolds which Jimmie
planted in the veggie garden are flourishing! I don't think 
they kept any rabbits away, but they're colorful now. 
So are the bright red begonias in front of the house -- they
think it is summertime! 

One thing worries me:  all that grass seed I painstakingly 
sewed in September came in like a perfect blanket. But
whichever devil or family of devils has no respect for my
hard work is busy digging divots in the lawn, and wrecking
it --- I don't see any nuts buried in the holes, and we don't
have grubs, so I wonder what's going on..?

I've been potting up for the winter, for myself and for the
Master Gardener's Xmas party -- dozens of tiny impatiens, 
ageratum, coleus, New Guinea hybrids (they're difficult!),
pelargoniums, rose impatiens, and one daisy. Some are 
cuttings, some are itsy-bitsy plants. My daughter gave me
14 impatiens volunteers two weeks ago, and it's hard to
believe but the 1-1/2" ones each have a flower, and the
2-1/2" ones have SEVEN flowers......  whew!  [I water with
dilute Peter's fertilizer; they sit on the kitchen windowsill.]

With Holiday baking just around the corner, we've run into
a nightmare. Here in New York, and also in St.Louis, Mo.,
butter is selling for $5.00 a pound. Has the same thing
happened to all of you? 

Penny, NY zone 6

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