Re: [gardeners] butter

Carol Wallace (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 12:51:57 -0500


> My dau. said she read that the jump in price for butter was because of the
> severe weather conditions in the states that dairy farm.
> I don't know if this is true or not.

I was so shecked when I went to buy butter and say the newprices that I
researched it. From what I could learn,  there are two main factors.
Apparently, the craze for lowfat is dying - people are into things like high
fat premium icecream big time. Unfortunately, the output by the cows hasn't
matched the rise in demand.

Second, the government used to stockpile butter when there was an excess, and
release it at times when there was a shortage. This used to help to hold
prices down. But the government quit doing that - so now there is an actual
shortage, and the higher prices reflects the age old law of supply and demand.

Couldn't some of you guys go back on a health craze???
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